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By holding SVB token on a Vite address, you are eligible for daily payouts.

At 06:00 UTC a 0.02% interest paid in VITE is sent to the address you hold your SVB.

Send 1 VITE to the following address, get 1 SVB token back on the same address. 

Send 1 SVB to the address, get 1 VITE back. SVB value is stable, 1 VITE = 1 SVB.



Send VITE or SVB to the following address: 

      Don't send VITE from Okex/Binance and other CEX




Swap: 1:1

Fee: VITE to SVB: 0% - SVB to VITE: 0.01%

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svb add.jpeg

Add SVB token to your Vite wallet:

1. Click on Add Token on your Vite wallet

2. Add SVB token to your token list


3. SVB token is now added to your token list

SVB by SwissVite

Participate in the VITE mining operation, and get a fixed 0.02% daily interest (7.2% annual). 1 SVB = 1 VITE


Instant conversion: Each SVB token is backed with VITE coin. Convert instantly VITE for SVB and SVB for VITE with our swap address.


Fixed income: By holding SVB tokens on your wallet, you are eligible for 0.02% daily interest, paid in VITE coin.

Passive income: No need to vote, stake or manage your loans. You will receive your interests daily simply by holding SVB on a Vite address.

SVB BTC/VITE pairs are open on


The swap is in maintenance. We will update our community when our service is back to normal.

Thank you for your understanding.