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Why I use the Vitex decentralized exchange (DEX) to earn dividends in BTC, ETH and USDT.

Why I use the Vitex decentralized exchange (DEX) to earn dividends in BTC, ETH and USDT.

By LiquidAttic aka 'Mo', our well known VITE community member. A brief Introduction to and the reward program.

Vitex is currently flying under the DEFI radar. So im here to introduce you to the Vitex exchange. Vitex exchange works with one of my favorite coins, this coin is called Banano. That's how I got to know the Vitex exchange and its advantages. It is a fairly young project and a young DEX. But in my opinion it has one of the best earning models in the crypto. You can earn BTC, ETH and USDT dividends with this exchange by staking Vitex in the Vite wallet. By trading Vitex on the Vitex DEX some of the fees that are paid are placed in a dividend pool and paid daily into BTC, ETH AND USDT to people who stake VX. And because this merit model and this DEX has not been brought to the attention so often, I will do this. We will discuss VX coin and Vitex exchange. We will further discuss why you as a reader should take a look at what Vitex can do for you. Why should you use the VITEX DEX? And How you can earn these dividends through VX.

What is VX COIN also known as VITEX? This is what the website: has to say. ViteX Coin, VX, is the coin native to the ViteX platform. It is mined exclusively by the ViteX community and is used to allocate rewards back to the community. Vx is a utility coin and has a total supply of 29,328,807.8. It is a currency used for staking to earn dividends in BTC, ETH and USDT. There are no fees to send this coin within the Vitex network. For example, the dividends that are earned will also be paid to you on the Vite network. You can send these dividends at any time to a regular BTC, ETH and USDT address. It is therefore important to know that Vitex is not the main currency, this is Vite but we will talk about this another time.

What are the basics of vitex? VX Basics

  • Total Supply: 29,328,807.8

  • Features: VX holders receive daily dividends from a shared dividend pool which aggregates the trading fees accumulated by ViteX and redistributes back to VX holders.

  • Distribution: VX has no pre-sale. The only way to get VX is through mining, in the following methods:

  • Trading as mining: Trade in designated BTC, ETH, VITE and USDT markets and receive VX rewards.

  • Staking as mining: Stake VITE to help ViteX obtain higher level operational quota and receive VX rewards.

  • Referring as mining: Generate a referral code to invite friends to join the ViteX platform and receive VX rewards.

  • Inviter will be rewarded with 5% of all invitees’ trading as mining proceeds and 2.5% of their market making as mining proceeds.

  • Invitees will enjoy 10% off platform trading fees, and receive an extra 2.5% of trading rewards and extra 1.25% of market-making rewards.

  • Market-making as mining: Help improve order book depth by placing buy and sell orders and receive VX rewards.

  • Listing as mining: Become a ViteX operator and list trading pairs to collect user transactions fees and receive VX rewards.

  • Release Schedule: All VX will be released over the course of 8 years and 3 months.

For more information about the Vitex coin look here: How can you earn VX? Trading as Mining Mines approximately 60% of daily released VX. Currently, users are able to trade in four markets: BTC, ETH, VITE and USDT and receive VX rewards accordingly.

  • Allocation: Each market receives 15% of daily distributed VX.

  • How to participate: By fulfilling orders on eligible trading pairs, you mined VX.

  • Mining calculation: The calculation is based on the proportion of your cumulative trading fee to the total trading fees collected in the associated market. For example, for a given day, if a trader contributed 5% of the total trading fee of BTC market, the trader will receive 5% of the 15% of VX applied to the market.

Staking as Mining By staking VITE to help ViteX obtain operational quota, users receive VX rewards.

  • Allocation: 20% of daily released VX

  • How to participate: Stake VITE in ViteX exchange.

  • Staking amount: The minimum amount is 134 VITE. No maximum cap.

  • Staking duration: Stakes can be retrieved after 3 days. There is no maximum number of days for staking VITE. There will be a retrieving period of 7 days, and stakes will not be counted towards staking as mining rewards during this period.

  • Mining calculation : The calculation is based on the proportion of VITE staked by you to the total staking amount.

Market-making as Mining Mines 10% of daily released VX; BTC market at 5%, ETH and VITE market equally at 1.5%, USDT market at 2%. Placing orders on ViteX can also earn VX. The amount of VX earned depends on three factors: 1) the amount of order, 2) the amount of time your order remains on the order book, and 3) the amount of deviation from the best bid and best offer in the order book spread.

  • Allocation: 10% of daily released VX

  • BTC market 5%

  • ETH market 1.5%

  • VITE market 1.5%

  • USDT market 2%

  • How to participate: Place orders in the order book

  • Only eligible trading pairs will be considered for market-making as mining;

  • Both buy and sell orders are considered for market-making as mining rewards;

  • Orders must not deviate from the designated mining range in the order book.

Referring as Mining User can request invitation codes to invite friends to join the ViteX platform.

  • Invitees will enjoy

  • 10% off trading fees;

  • 2.5% of trading rewards in addition;

  • 1.25% of market-making rewards in addition.

  • Inviter will be rewarded with

  • 5% of all invitees’ trading as mining proceeds;

  • 2.5% of their market making as mining proceeds.

  • How to participate:

  • Spend 1,000 VITE to generate a referral code, of which 100% will be burned

What is the Vitex DEX? This is what the website has to say: "ViteX, developed by Vite Labs, is the world's first decentralized exchange built on DAG technology. Its Built on Vite: the first public blockchain to enable smart contracts on DAG."

Why you need to try the Vitex dex? Its a very nice DEX to use in the first place. Its the first DEX that uses DAG tech just like BANANO. Ok i know it has its flaws but no DEX is flawless. So keep your mind open. Because i think this DEX will grow a lot bigger in the years to come. The devs are working hard and they listen to the community. There is a weekly article about the progress of the project and they hold AMA’s to stay very close to the community. I think it's a project to remember because they have come up with a special way to receive dividends. And it is a team that is very dedicated and always listens to the community. Yes, I am also a participant in this community if you ask yourself that. Finally, I would like to invite you to download the DEX and see here if this dex can do something for you. Come and have a look at the telegram chat Vite english group. There are also groups for people who speak a different language if you do not speak English well enough. All team members and social media channels can be found here: The Vitex exchange can be downloaded for IOS and android. But it can also be used on a normal computer. All can be found here:

How can you earn BTC ETH and USDT by staking? The costs charged by the ViteX platform are, as I have said before, grouped together in a pool. And on a daily basis there will be divided at 1% between the people who strike VX. Now it is also the case that for a certain day the fees collected are divided over the next 100 days. To receive dividends you must stake a minimum of 10 VX to start earning BTC, ETH and USDT on a daily basis. You will have the right to receive these dividends the next day. If you want to unstake your VX, you can do so without problems. Keep in mind that there is a waiting period of 7 days before your VX are released. No dividends will be issued during this waiting period.

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